Before ruturns,something we want to tell you:

We’re very grateful to receive all the feedbacks fom you and your clients or end users. If your distributor receives dissatisfaction from customers during the sales process, please voice out. If it is verified that it is caused by defects of our products, we can solve the after-sales of Baili / Weidi products with two years warranty. If you are a customized product, our protection period is one year.

Besides, we want to assure you that:

Firstly,before leaving the factory, all products will undergo two full inspections during the period of semi-finished products, irregular inspection on the production line every day, irregular inspection on the packaging workshop every day, and quality inspection of finished products according to the enterprise standard before warehousing.

Secondly,We strongly recommend that you complete the product inspection within one month after receiving the goods. If defect found, we will return the corresponding amount of payment or deliver the quantity of products you are not satisfied with.