About shaving

How to Give Yourself a Proper Shave

Double edge razor is a razor knife for freshmen. Need to learn how to shave with a double edge razor blades, or it is very easy to hurt yourself. Besides, sometime gays will complain that some brand safety razor isn’t sharpness enough or easily getting hurt. In order to let you have a wonderful shaving experience with safety razor, we are willing to inform your the instruction for vintage safety razor.


Double edge razor

Keep your skin in a good condition

Relax your skin with a shaver or a hot washcloth, then use shaving foam/cream/soap(whichever you like) to avoid irritation. Moreover, these shaving care product will soft your beard and make the shaving smooth.

Keep your blade sharp

There is many series of double edge safety razor blades in the market, different quality and price. No matter which you buy, please keep your blade sharp enough and change the blade in time.

Shave with the beard hair grows

Keep shaving with the grain on the first pass. It’s very important. Because beard hair may grow in different directions on different parts your face.

Wash face with cold water

If you need, use some skin care product after shaving. Help your skin to have a good condition.

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