5 Different Types of Razors: Pros & Cons

Having well-trimmed or shaved beard is considered to be a great grooming habit. Even if you want to achieve a heavy bearded look you cannot get that without giving a light trim to it.

However, if you want to achieve an absolute perfect shave then you got to have the perfect razor blade for it. Now there are many options available when it comes to picking the right razor. Some of the most common ones like twin razor blades, disposable razors, etc.

Let’s take a look at some of the most used razor blades and analyses the ‘pros-cons’ of it.

1. Electric Razors

This new razors have been used widely for the past decade. For those individuals who want light trim for grooming their heavy beard this type of razor is perfect.

Pros: These razors are super convenient to use as they have handy design and hassle-free built. You can achieve a perfect trim on the go. Perfect razor to use when you are running late.

Cons: You won’t be able to attain a close shaved look using this razor type. So steer clear from it if you want a clean shaved look for yourself.

2. Disposable Razors

As the name of this razor says it is to be discarded after one time use. It comes with a plastic handle which is permanently attached to the shaving head. One can remove the head easily and replace it with a new blade.

Pros: They are an inexpensive product and are usually sold in a set of tens or twenty. Plus, they are the most suitable product to take along for travel or camping with their great stop gap remedy in cases of emergency.

Cons: The light weight of this type of razor makes them prone to lose grip while shaving. Also, the blades of these razor are made out of flimsy material thus, tend to lose their sharpness after a few use. The shaving head of it are inflexible which contributes in uneven shaving results.

3. Safety Razors

An old school razor type which you may have seen your grandfather use in old days. This razor type has a slight edge on its body and uses a single razor blade. This edge helps in avoiding the cuts on your skin.

Pros: You can replace the blades for this razor in a week or so depending on the usability frequency. Hence, it is a cost-effective option to go for.

Cons: These razors require quite an expert hand for achieving the perfect shaving results. Hence, you need more time to get accustomed for its convenient use.

4. Cartridge Razors

This type of razor either has a metal handle or a plastic one. It also has a flexible center that enables movability of razor conveniently. Also, the cartridge for this razor includes as much as six blades.

Pros: You can achieve a clean shave look in no time with this type of razor. There’s minimum chance of any cuts while shaving as the razor built is super safe to use.

Cons: The prices for this razor kind seems to hike up over time. Also, the use of too many blades on this razor can cause ingrown hairs or irritation in some individuals.

5. Straight Razors

This razor blades look nothing like today’s modern day razors. It includes a straight razor blade that is foldable at the handle. The blade for this razor is irreplaceable and usually made up of hard steel.

Pros: The edges of this razor blade is extremely sharp henceforth can provide you a close shave. Also, this type of razor can last forever provided you need to strop the metal edge frequently. It is also a cost-effective razor option.

Cons: The built of this razor is not at all convenient hence there is a high chance of getting serious cut or injury while using this razor blade.

Now that you are well aware of the different razors in the market it is time for you to choose your option. Pay attention to the blades of the razor types as well since they also contribute in determining the quality of a razor. You can choose twin razor blades or a single blade razors as well.