3 Different Types Of Safety Razors Based On Their Opening Mechanism

Exploring the market on safety razors will give you plenty of options. For instance, double edge safety razors, single edge safety razors, cartridge razors, disposable razors, and many more. Now, it is quite natural that all these varieties are the result of its construction and the opening mechanism.

Talking to the razor blades manufacturers, it has been concluded that three different safety razor types are constructed in three different ways. And it is quite obvious that the type of construction denotes the different types of opening mechanism the razors possess.

Are you interested to dig deep into this? Well, there is no boundary in gaining knowledge and especially, when it is about a safety razor that you use regularly.

Let us have a look at the three different types of safety razors based on their opening mechanisms.

3 Different Opening Mechanisms For Safety Razors

  1. One-piece safety razor: One-piece safety razors, also known as Twist-to-Open razors are designed with a twist and open mechanism. With a single twist, you can open the top head of the razor to replace your razor blades in between the two hinged plates. The best part about this is you don’t need to put extra effort into changing the razor blades, neither you need to worry while using it.One-piece safety razor is a perfect choice for wet shaving. Additionally, you get this piece at a pocket-friendly rate compared to the other two. However, the piece comes with some drawbacks.Due to the existing moving parts, butterfly razors are considered to be the most fragile piece and are more likely to get damage after prolonged use.
  2. Two-piece safety razor: Two-piece safety razors as the name states are designed with 2 parts basically. One is the cutting head that you can unscrew it to replace your old razor blades and the other is the plate remain fixed to the handle.Well, it seems easier to screw and unscrew the cutting head plate from the thread inside the handle, but the picture is totally different. Changing a blade requires a lot of effort. Here you need to turn the release knob, unscrew the cutting head, tilt the blade to remove, and finally replacing it with a new blade. This, of course, won’t be an easy step for the user to handle.Despite being hard to use, the two-piece safety razors offer a clean and close shave. You must try it instead of regretting it totally.
  3. Three-piece safety razor: Finally, we have the three-piece safety razors in the list. Yes, as per the name, the construction resembles the same. Here you will witness three parts of the razor that remain attached with a long screw. The parts include the cutting head, the base of the cutting head, and the handle.Carrying a few moving parts, the razor type turns out to be durable and easy to handle. Not just that, unlike the previous one, it is easier to replace razor blades as you can easily open up all the parts assemble it again.Now the downside of this razor type is if the disassembled parts are not assembled properly there is a high risk of having accidental cuts. Make sure you reconstruct the razor properly.


Looking for a butterfly razor is not really a concern when you have so many options to explore. And we hope now you won’t have any more confusion while purchasing a safety razor from the market.

So, reach out to one of the best razor blades manufacturers and add a suitable safety razor to your men’s grooming kit.