Women facial trimmer eyebrow razor set

Size: 11X5X119mm

Weight: 4.4g

Typle:3 pcs/set



Pink, Green, Blue


Women facial trimmer eyebrow razor set

 Product basic information

  • Patent owner
  • Eco-friendly
  • Full protection razor head with cover
  • 119mm length, 4.4g weight
  • Pink/Green/Blue

Multiple uses

1.Eyebrow shaping

2.Lip lint repair

3.Sideburns repair

4.Hand body hair repair

Company Profile

Founded in 2002, BAILI specialize in custom shaving products, including shaving razor, razor blade, shaving foam, etc.

* Industry Navigator  * 73+ Patents * Automatic Production Line * ODM&OEM Service * Global Service

Our company products from R & D, production, inspection, packaging, sales, service and other links are strict requirements. Baili shaver is fashion and technology integration, innovative design, users can bring more security, more smooth, more comfortable shave new feel.

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