Vintage Safety Razor

ModelDB191(Silver) / DB192 (Gold)/DB193(Black)
Size11.3*4.2*2.5 cm
MaterialsZinc alloy metal and high level chrome electroplating
Hs cod:  8212100000


Gold, Gun metal, silver


Retro Safety Razor Double Blade

Retro Safety Razor Double Blade- basic information

  • 5cm long, 98g weight
  • Environmental friendly metal alloy materials
  • Heavy duty long handle with chrome finish
  • The patented micro comb design protects your skin from scratches and cuts
  • Upgraded safety protection device on the razor head to prevent blade exposure
  • 3 color options


Retro Safety Razor Double Blade has an extra responsibility to release your hand. The classic 3-piece razor can be disassembled into three separate pieces for easy cleaning and accurate alignment of the blade.

Unique design

Vintage classic design with excellent weighted long handle for better balance and control.

Security upgrade

The revolutionary closed razor head provides comprehensive protection against accidental cuts, making this product the safest old-fashioned double-edged razor.

Amazing shaving experience

The new close comb on our old double-edged razors reduces skin irritation and provides a smooth shaving experience.

Performance of precision fabrication

Our retro safety razors are made of high-quality environmentally friendly metal alloy and are elegantly chrome plated.

Selling innovative old-fashioned double-edged razors

Our old long handle safety razors have patented innovative designs.


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Retro safety razor │ product parameters

series Double Edge Safety Razor
 year 2016
model DB192
head shape Three piece set
Blade Standard size double blade
Processing materials kirsite
color Silver/Rose Gold/Bronze
application Men’s beauty
package Bulk, blister cards, gift boxes or other Custom Boxes
sample Free samples


Unique design

Retro classic design, excellent heavy-duty long handle, easy to control.

Security upgrade  

Revolutionary closed razor head for comprehensive protection from accidental cuts.

Amazing shaving experience

The new dense comb can reduce skin irritation and provide a smooth and wonderful shaving experience.

Performance of precision fabrication

High quality environmental protection metal alloy, chrome plating elegant.

Patent innovation

Old style long handle safety razor with patent and innovative design.

Retro Safety Razor


















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