Rejoy 5 Blade Razor Refills

Materials:Stainless steel
Weight :3,44g
Hs code:8212100000


Rejoy Razor refills|enhance shaving experience

Rejoy Razor refills is equipped with precise beard guide design,which greatly improves the shaving effect. The beard guide design is added at the front end of the knife edge, which can dredge the beard in advance, so that it is easier for the beard to shave orderly.Reduce pulling, and make the shaving process smoother.

High quality lubrication strip contains drugs to soften beard cutin and lubricate skin, which can provide better protection for beard and skin. The double-layer aloe sliding strip of Baili’s razor head provides skin friendly lubrication to provide timely lubrication and relief. The sliding strip contains aloe skin care ingredients and secretes lubricating fluid in case of water to make shaving smoother.

Rejoy Razor refills|All You Need to Know 

BAILI is the fast-growing brand in personal care industry from China razor manufacturer, which specialize in developing and producing shaving razor product. Rejoy series system razor has come one of the best-selling produc ts of BAILI.

BAILI Razor refills design to poviting action head with high-quality five blade, perfectly adapts to every facial contour. Comes with a functional push button for fast blade switching and be rich in Aloe vera Lubricating strip allows razor to glide over the skin very smoothly, providing extra comfort.



Basic Information

Razor series BAILI Rejoy 5 blade razor refills
Model Number DT60
Razor type razor blade cartridge
Specification 4.25X1.37X2.6cm
Blade materials Stainless steel
Hardness of blade HV730~HV750
Lubricating strip Aloe + Vitamin E
MOQ 1000 packs
Connector Black
Packaging 2 cartridges in a plastic tray with poly bag
VIP service Customize packaging and private label
Lead time 20-35 work days

Product Advantages

  • Stainless steel 5 blade with platinum coated.
  • Plus trimmer blade on the top for hard to shave areas.
  • Special small hole to clean it better, no clog, easy to rinse.
  • Pivoting action head follows the sensitive contours of the face in a best angle.


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