Double Edge Butterfly Safety Razor 5+1 Gift Set

Size:9.5*4.2*2.5 cm
Materials:Zinc alloy metal and high level chrome electroplating
Weight :290g


Gold, silver


Extra Long Double Edge Safety Razor 5+1 Gift Set – Wet Shave Starter Kit

Extra Long Double Edge Safety Razor 5+1 Gift Set is our classic safety razor. It is very popular in EU and US selling market because it includes all required accessories from a private label shaving razor to a mug/brush set. We designed a portable men’s shaving kit bag with mirror, easy to carry, enjoy your shaving anytime and anywhere.

Extra Long Double Edge Safety Razor 5+1 Wet Shave Starter Kit │ Basic Information

  • Eco-friendly private label shaving razor made from metal alloy materials
  • High level bright chrome plated
  • Fully-enclosed razor head to protect you from unexpected cuts.
  • Advanced butterfly opening head for a QUICK 5 seconds blade change
  • Comb attached to guide hair towards the blades and reduce tugging or pulling. Designed to PREVENT accidental cuts.
  • Textured handle design for a sure grip even with wet hands
  • Shaving mug and brush set included

How to Change the Blade in private label shaving razor?

  • Turn the knob at the button of the razor handle to the left and the two doors on the head open.
  • Unwrap a new BAILI blade and carefully drop it over the center bar.
  • With the BAILI blade properly seated in the head, turn the knob at the button of the handle to the right and the two doors on the head will close. Do not over-tighten the knob
  • Place clean razors back in men’s shaving kit bag after use.
  • To Clean, loosen the doors and rinse under warm water, there is no need to remove the blade.
Accessories Included in Our Wet Shave Kit

As this product is a gift set, you get everything you need in one package. There’s no need to buy anything but the shaving cream.

  • Shaving mug and brush set
  • Men’s travel shaving bag

Carry the best shaving kit available in the market everywhere you go. Our convenient men’s travel shaving bag ensures all blades and accessories are in one place.

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How to install the double edge blade ?

  1. Rotate the buttom toward counter-clockwise direction.
  2. Open razor head ,and put in Baili double edge blade.
  3. Rotate the buttom toward clockwise direction, and close razor head.
  4. Enjoy your shaving.



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