Antique Shaving Stand
Are you looking around while shaving, trying to decide where to rest your razor? Most people place it on the closest available flat surface like a sink or countertop, but that can be unhygienic. A shaving stand is the perfect solution for this problem and allows you to effectively store the razor in an upright position. This doesn’t just keep the blades away from contaminated surfaces, but can also make it easier to shave.
Antique Shaving Stand
Not all stands are made equal and some are designed so poorly, they can’t hold the weight of a good-quality razor. Our antique shaving stand is carefully designed to handle our Baili Double-Edge razors. Here’s a look at some of its unique characteristics:

*  The base is wide and weighted to ensure the stand remains stable, despite the weight of the razor.

* Our stand is compact and has a small footprint. You can carry it with your travel shaving kit without feeling the weight.

* The attractive chrome plating won’t look out of place in a luxury bathroom.

* Made from zinc alloy, which ensures the stand is durable.

These stands are available in three different colors; silver, rose gold, and gunmetal. You can choose a color that appeals to your sense of style or matches the razor.

This antique shaving stand can also be a charming part of a gift set. You can buy as razor, blades, and stand together for a loved one on their birthday or anniversary. The durable high-chrome plating ensures the stand will be appealing to people of diverse tastes.

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