The 5 Blade Razors in the Market

Shaving has become a part of our daily routine and it can be quite bothersome if you don’t have the right shaving materials. A good-quality razor can improve the overall experience significantly and give you a much closer shave. Our carefully designed 5 blade razors are superior to most products available in the market because they are made from superior materials.

Men’s Razor 5 Blades

Our men’s razors are designed for everyday shaving and coarse facial hair. The five blades smoothly glide over the skin and deliver a close shave. The flexible head allows you to reach difficult areas and remove hair without any nicks or cuts. The razors also have a single blade in the back for difficult areas like the side-burns so you can have the perfect look every day.

Each razor is designed for comfortable handling. They provide a secure grip and won’t slip even if your hands are wet. All blades are thin and have a platinum coating, which ensures they stay sharp longer. There’s also a tiny hole at the back to ensure the blades can be rinsed properly and don’t have any debris stuck in them. This also increases our razor’s durability.

We have added an aloe vera and vitamin E lubrication strip to the top of the razor for our customers with sensitive skin. These compounds reduce the chances of irritation and soothe the skin.

Our men’s razors are available in different colors and combinations so you can easily find something that suits your aesthetic preferences. 

Women’s Razor 5 Blades

Many women’s razors in the market underperform and don’t deliver the superior shaving experience. This is largely because of the quality and number of blades in the razor head. Our women’s razor has five sharp, platinum coated blades for the superior performance. You won’t have to deal with unwanted hairs popping up at the end of the day like a five-o-clock shadow. Our razor delivers the closest shave that lasts for several days.

The razor also has a precision trimmer blade at the back for hard to reach areas like the underarms. Like the men’s razor, we have added a strip of aloe vera and vitamin E to help reduce the chances of irritation.

If you’re looking for a product that offers clean and comfortable shaving, our women’s razor with 5 blades is the ideal choice.

Equate Five Blade Razor Sets

If you intend to gift a razor to a loved one, consider our equate five-blade razor sets. These sets include the razor and two spare razor heads, which means the set will last a long time. The set comes in blister packaging and is easy to transport. We offer sets for both men and women.

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