Baili Double Edge Razor – Vintage Luxury

The market is flooded with sophisticated and clunky looking razors. You can use these products for a few months and then have to throw them away because they’re just not designed to last. This isn’t just a waste of money, but it also isn’t good for the environment. That’s why we encourage customers to consider our Baili double edge razor.

Vintage Double Edge Safety Razor

Do you remember those elegant metal razors of old? The ones that used steel blades and felt heavy in the hand. They are making a big comeback, especially in Europe and America. People find their vintage appearance and simply efficiency much more appealing than the sophistication of modern razors. Our safety razor double edge has that same classic design.

Types of Double Sided Razor Products 

We have a wide range of well-designed products in this category so there’s something for everyone. Here’s a look at some of our most popular offerings:

* Double Edge Butterfly Safety Razor 

* Double Edge Adjustable Safety Razor

* Double Edge Extra Long Safety Razor

* Double Edge Victor Safety Razor

* Double Edge Primary Razor

* Double Edge Vintage Safety Razor

As you can see, there are many double-sided razor options available in our store. Every product has some unique characteristics that make them stand apart.Before bulk orders,you can request samples from different categories to find something that ticks all boxes for you. All our double edge safety razors are made from good-quality materials and will stand the test of time.

What Sets Our Double Edge Safety Razors Stand Apart?

Our double-blade razor might look vintage, but it has elements of modern design in it. Here’s a look at some of its unique characteristics:

* Our safety razor with double edge has a comb along with the blades. This ensures you get a closer shave at all times.

* The enclosed razor head prevents cuts, which makes our double edge razor blades ideal for beginners.

* It has a textured handle that provides a better grip in wet conditions.

* Blade replacement is easy as quick. You just need to twist the bottom to open the razor.

* All double edge razor blades are made from eco-friendly alloy material.

Double Edge Razor Travel Case 

If you want to gift this razor to a loved one, why not buy a double edge razor travel case? The case will keep all of the shaving accessories in one place so you can easily carry it anywhere. Our travel case is designed to protect the razor and is made from a highly resilient material, which means it can hold up against the rigors of travel easily.

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